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Frequently Asked Questions

Whytboard is an online marketplace that connects trainers and coaches to organizations that require such services. We are passionate about facilitating on-premises and face to face training and experiential learning opportunities. Whytboard allows trainers and coaches to create profiles and be discovered by Human Resource (HR) and/or Learning and Development (L&D)

The following types of users or user personas can register and use Whytboard:

  1. An independent trainer, coach or consultant who wishes to offer their services on any topic that they have knowledge and expertise in.
  2. A training company that may have one or more than one trainers, coaches, and other experiential learning professionals.
  3. An HR and/or L&D leader or representative of any organization, who is authorized to scout for trainers and coaches and get into negotiations and contracts with them.
  4. Testimonial provider: Any participant of any of the registered trainers’/coaches’ sessions who wish to give their trainer or coach a testimonial.

In order to ensure a smooth, seamless and value generating experience to all users of the platform, we are currently registering only trainers and coaches. We will shortly open up the platform for registration of HR and/or L&D Leaders section.

All services on Whytboard are free of cost, at least until 31st March 2025. Whytboard will be adding more functionalities and services in future and we will introduce certain value driven pricing for our services in the future.

No. Whytboard is only a marketplace platform that connects a trainer/coach to an organization. After the initial connect is established, both parties are expected to take all further discussions and negotiations offline. Whytboard has no role, responsibility or obligation in this process or anything that happens subsequently.

Please see our ‘Contact Us’ page for updated contact information. Please feel free to drop us a mail or a WhatsApp message describing your issue and we will respond back as soon as possible.